Release confidently

featureflow enables faster and safer software development by allowing you to gradually rollout, control and precisely target your application features to specific audiences.

Deploy continuously, release when ready

Featureflow controls your continuous delivery pipeline so you can continue to push your code out, silently, ahead of time and only enable the features when you are ready. Unlike other platforms, featureflow pushes your updates simultaneously to all platforms in milliseconds.


  • Merge early and often
  • Deploy code with confidence
  • Avoid inconvenient release nights

For product

  • Release features without engineering
  • Enable exactly when you need
  • Target specific cohorts

Increase development velocity 

Merge often or merge directly to main, knowing your features are hidden until you are ready. Remove inter-team release bottlenecks utilising flags across your entire ecosystem.  

Release the right features

Don’t just release a feature, validate it too – once in production you can target production testers or beta users. Monitor feature usage and validate A/B test goals for a winning variant so that you know you are deploying the best option before exposing your entire customer base.

Release to the right audience

Use featureflow’s sophisticated but simple targeting mechanism to target exactly the users you want. Create rules to match individual users, specific cohorts or specific times or time of day.



Target Production testers before rolling out to specific cohorts prior to actual go-live.

For Product

Coincide feature release with publicity events or mail-outs, target beta groups or geographical rollouts to match timezones. 

Improve release safety

Gradually scale up rollouts for an individual feature from 1 to 100% then immediately disable misbehaving features using the kill switch. Avoid rolling back an entire release by turning off just the individual feature.

Release safely with feature flags

Works with your CI workflow

With teams, roles, projects and environments, featureflow is designed to fit with your teams CI workflow. Visualise your feature progress in real time across from development to production and integrate with popular workflow tools such as Jira.


  • View and manage across your environments
  • See real-time as features are deployed in an environment
  • Merge early and often

For product

  • See feature status at a glance from featureflow or within jira
  • Identify when features are available in an environment without asking engineering or digging through complex CI tools

Control your features, target your audience.

Featureflow gives you complete control of your features to allow you to confidently release, evaluate and iterate.
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