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Featureflow gives you complete control of your features to allow you to confidently release, evaluate and iterate.
Reduce risk and save cost on releases
  • Reduce risk and save cost- Gradually rollout or instantly turn off individual features to control your releases and avoid expensive rollbacks.
    Using featureflow you can easily enable soft launches at the individual feature level and targeted down to the individual user level.
  • Release code when suits engineering and the feature when suits your customer – Separate the software deployment from the code release – Now you can release your code safely in advance at a time that suits your development teams; then turn on your feature at an exact time that suits your business and your customers – even during business hours. With featureflow the experience it the best possible outcome for both engineering and importantly – your customers
  • Test individual features with a small subset of users – turn on a feature only for a small subset of individual users, or scale out to a percentage. Canary testing a release with a known subset (such as beta users or production test teams) immediately negates rollout risk and allows a safe and quick rollback if necessary.
  • Immediately turn off misbehaving or underperforming features to minimise impact – flick the switch and return to the previous state, across all platforms instantly. Eliminate reputational risk and avoid an expensive full rollback. If one feature from 20 fails, leave the other 19 in and disable just the one.
A single control across your platform
  • Manage your features across multiple platforms – web, mobile, desktop.
    Featureflow gives you a single place to manage your features and the power to simultaneously turn them on and off across multiple platforms and multiple teams.

    Too often individual teams manage features using specific solutions per platform (database toggles on the server, flags in the web site and another console on mobile) – using featureflow you can bring it all together into one coherent control panel.

  • Release across web and mobile simultaneously
  • Rollback without pulling from the app store
  • Customise which features your customers see and have that matched on both web and mobile experiences
  • Gradually rollout across platforms
Test and feedback quickly and safely to improve your site experience

The best test for a new feature is the real-world test. If you have multiple possibilities then use featureflow to test multiple variations and get rapid feedback before committing 100%


  • A/B test against a subset of known users – your trusted or beta clients for example
  • A/B and Multi-variant test 50/50 and evaluate the optimal conversion for a variant of a feature
  • Hook easily into google analytics, heap or any other tool to evaluate which version of your feature is preferable
  • Turn on the winner without a release or even having to bother your engineering team
  • Shorten your feedback loop to minutes and hours rather than being bound by your release cycle.
Customise your site to your audience to improve engagement
  • Users are different, there are different age groups, segments, roles and types. Customise and tune your site without redeploying by enabling specific features or variations of features for specific users, segments and scenarios.
  • Give you day-to-day control of your applications features – often administration of an application can be an afterthought and performing customisations has to involve the engineering teams. With featureflow individual features of your site can be managed and assigned to specific users or groups – giving you the control to manage how your site is received by your customers. Unlike front-end optimisation tools, with featureflow it can be done securely end-to-end.
  • Enable specific feature sets for user groups – for example enable an enhanced view for ‘gold tier‘ users, set up payment tier features – or give a specific user privileged access.
  • Enable maintenance modes or embargoes – Quickly disable individual features or the entire site for some or all users
  • Tune up or down visibility of features based on demand – show ‘available’ to 80% or ‘unavailable’ to the other 20% to control your load or fulfilment demands.
Enterprise feature management with low TCO

Facebook, google, linkedIn all have their own custom feature management tools – famously costing millions to create and scale. Featureflow gives the full power of a comprehensive feature management platform with virtually Zero setup.

  • Fully managed hosted service
  • Simple to use UI interface
  • Feature metrics
  • High availability and global CDN delivery
  • SDKs in multiple languages to allow your development teams to effortlessly integrate

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Control your features, target your audience.

Featureflow gives you complete control of your features to allow you to confidently release, evaluate and iterate.
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